[MONTHLY WRAP UP] August’s Summary

Wow, this is a poooooooooor reading month. I’m putting this down to the fact I’m super stressed out with writing my 15,000 word Master’s dissertation that is nowhere near finished, and also spending two weeks having a nervous breakdown. No need to worry though, because I know there’s some fantastic blog tours on the horizon that will perk me back up and will get my mojo back immediately! Here’s my wrap up of August’s reads:

August 2019 Summary
Books read – 3 (1 DNF)

Pages read –1,141
Audiobooks completed – 1

The Other Mrs Miller Allison Dickson (No rating given)
Read from 1st – 31st August 2019 (DNF @ 125/336 pages)

I really did try with this one, but it took me a whole month to really get into it, and by the end I still couldn’t work out what I was getting out of this book. I had a bit of a dip in my mental health too, which definitely would’ve affected my ability to push through. But unfortunately I got the point of deciding to DNF this title. I’d like to think I can try again another time, but honestly… I don’t think I will!

The Dark Side Of The Mind: True Stories from my Life as a Forensic Psychologist Kerry Daynes ***
Listened from 1st – 16th August 2019 (304 pages/7h 54mins)

44532840. sy475
A very informative and insightful read, although the first half felt a little too ‘textbookish’ for me. But the latter cases discussed grabbed my attention and I found very interesting.

See my full review here.

Unfortunately, this memoir just lacked something for me. Having worked alongside other forensic psychologists, a lot of this was just a reminder of what I already knew, so I gave it a three star review on Goodreads.

Take It Back Kia Abdullah *****
Read from 5th – 14th August 2019 (384 pages)

43532531. sy475
Such a powerful piece of writing that really makes you question yourself throughout. Some very important themes addressed in a way which makes these events feel all too real!

See my full review here.

This book is 100% worth the hype and publicity I’ve seen around it! It was easily a five star review from me on Goodreads.

Rewind Catherine Ryan Howard****
Read from 14th – 22nd August 2019 (328 pages)

43804834. sy475
This was a very gripping read, even though I didn’t feel overly connected to the characters. The events that followed them were just too suspicious not to want to read on!

See my full review here.

A great read, although I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I hadn’t felt lost in the timeline at different points! So I gave it a four star review on Goodreads.

I also posted reviews of books read in previous months:

Someone We Know – Shari Lapena*****
43708904. sy475
See my full review as part of the blog tour here.

The Holiday – T.M. Logan*****
41973359. sy475
See my full review as part of the blog tour here.

Control – Hugh Montgomery****
45617044. sy475

See my full review as part of the blog tour here.

The Locked Ward: The Memoir Of A Psychiatric Orderly – Dennis O’Donnell****


See my full review here.

The Language OF Kindness: A Nurse’s Story – Christie Watson*****

39808473. sy475

See my full review here.

I’m also currently reading one other book, but didn’t manage to finish it before the end of August. I’ll introduce the title here, but pop back next month to read more about it in September’s Summary!

Degrees of Guilt HS Chandler (216/368 pages read)40103980. sy475
Have you read any of the titles in this month’s wrap up? If so, I’d love to hear what you made of them, so please leave a comment and get in touch!

If you enjoyed reading this post, please drop a comment or a like! I love making new bookish friends!


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